WACA 2011 EEO Public File Report

June 1, 2011

WACA 2011 EEO Public File Report

List of full-time vacancies filled by the Station’s employment unity during the previous year:
  • None
For each vacancy, the recruitment sources utilized:
  • N/A. No hires during the previous year.
The recruitment source that referred the hire for each full-time vacancy during the
preceding year:
  • N/A.
Data reflecting the total number of persons interviewed for full-time vacancies during the preceding year and the total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source utilized in connection with such vacancies:
  • N/A
List and brief description of initiatives undertaken pursuant to paragraph (c)(2) of this section during the preceding year:
  • 2010- 2011 Internship Program
The Station partnered with John F. Kennedy High school, under the program of the Montgomery County Public Schools Division of Career and Technology Education Internship Program. The program consists in fulfilling a complete academic year on the worksite to provide interns with hand-on experience in field of theirs interest for a future career.

The employment unit provided on-the job training that included in general media and broadcast exposure such as production, board operation, sound editing, announcing, on-air appearance, public affairs, creative writing, receptionist and clerical work. 

The Station’s staff provided a supportive learning environment for the student to enhance the capacity for further learning in the media field.

The employment unit provided internship training for one (1) high school student during the Summer period June to August 2010; the Fall period September to December 2010; the winter period January to March 2011 and the Spring period April 2011 to present.

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